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The Right Way to Prep a House for Painting

Apr 2

If you are planning to have your interior home painted by a skilled interior painter. To make sure that the painter's in San Diego can complete the job in a timely manner and give you the finest paint finish here are some tips to do.


How can I prepare my house to paint?

Let's review what you should do before the painters arrive.


  • Takedown any items that hang on the walls.

This should be obvious. It's not unusual to add a final flourish, the interior painting San Diego crew to go to the wall and look for photos on the wall.


  1. Before the painting contractor arrives, get rid of all things that need to be removed from the walls. Paintings, pictures, and clocks all fall under this category. Speak to the team to determine the responsibility for removing switch plates as well as outlet covers.

  2. It is best to store anything that you are removing in an area that is not painted, regardless of whether it's the garage.

  3. You must get rid of any items that are knickknacks. Paint splatters can be found on the surfaces. This is the reason why interior home artists from San Diego would cover everything inside the room using tarps and canvas, aside from the walls and ceiling. It is very easy to harm items when the canvas is placed over other objects in the shelf.

  4. When the painter arrives, take everything out of the space that isn't freestanding and could be damaged if a tarp is placed over it. Floor baskets and lamps need to be included. Take the boxes out of the room and put them exactly where you put your hangings on the walls.

  5. Create a smooth entry and Exit: Your indoor painting crew and painter will need to have easy access to the area they are painting. It's easier to finish the task the faster it can be done. You could also save money if the cost is paid per hour.


Go through your home from the point where the crew will enter to the area that will be painted. Are there any obstructions that could block their path? Maybe a large piece of furniture. If at all possible take the stumbling blocks out of the way. Make sure you pick up the toys of your pet or children. bed.


  • Curtains, Rugs, and Throws

All drapes, pillows, and the rug that are in the area of painting must be taken away and put inboxes. San Diego's painters will need to cut through any drapes that block the space that surrounds your windows and doors. Paint particles shouldn't get on delicate textiles.


  • Keep them with the Knickknacks and Wall Hangings.


Consider the state of your walls before you search for "interior painters nearby". It is important to replace damaged doors or trims. Water leaks must be repaired and any drywall or plaster damage caused by the leaks. Any pest or insect problem that could cause damage to the surface of the paint must be treated. If the painters work with metal surfaces, be sure any rust is removed.


Your walls shouldn't be touched by painters. If not, the next team could destroy or ruin their hard work.


Your painting crew from San Diego could ask you to clean the walls a few days before the team arrives. This will ensure that the paint has an excellent, dry surface. Painters can charge extra fees to wash the walls.


  • Space Organize the Space


You're looking to get the top interior painting San Diego service. Dust and debris are likely to accumulate on freshly painted surfaces and get into the airflow of your room. This could result in your shiny fresh paint job into a messy dusty mess.


The painting is planned to be completed on the day before. Clean the room thoroughly. The furniture removed during painting must also be polished and vacuumed.


Then, over the next 24 hours, when the paint is completely dry, try not to track dirt or other debris in the room. It's always a good idea to plan ahead so you're prepared for when they arrive.

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