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May 9

People Who Read Reviews “Like These” Online Are Manipulated To Buy A Product!

According to, 93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product, but not all reviews are real and unbiased.

Some of them are fake or sponsored or promoted… well that's what Reviewdunk came across recently and decided to point some light on it

What Reviewdunk Found?

Reviewdunk is a team of Researchers called a Review Patriots who go above and beyond to reveal the truth about the products available online.

Reviewdunk’s founder says, “While doing our research about a popular weight loss supplement called Exipure, we came across a pattern of fake, sponsored, and promoted reviews that were ranking in the top 20 spots on Google”

Here is how the reviews manipulate you, say if you are one of the people who is searching for this particular product but all you see are these types of sponsored and promoted articles on news websites.

As all the reviews will be biased and would be talking good about the product you will get manipulated by it and would make a purchase of the product.

Sometimes due to lack of evidence people purchase the product so that they can try the product and well that's what all these Sponsored posts want.

The person who publishes this kind of content is affiliated with the product so they get paid when you purchase the product.

And this is how this cycle continues… well to see the original research done by Reviewdunk on product review click here.

So what is the solution?

Where can you find authentic, unbiased, and real user experiences of the customers?

The one-word answer to that question is

At Reviewdunk you can find authentic, unbiased, real user experiences of the customers in blog posts/article format that are carefully crafted by Review Patriots of Team Reviewdunk 

Just search for the product name in manifestation, the law of attraction, or search the name of any popular supplement and add Reviewdunk to it. 

For example: Search “Exipure Reviewdunk” or “Raikov Effect Reviewdunk”

Hence, here’s to find unbiased reviews online step-by-step:

Step1: Go to Google

Step2: Type your product name (for example Exipure)

Step3: Add Reviewdunk with product name

Step4: Click the Search Button

Step5: Voila, you have found your unbiased review now click and read it!

Well, that's how you can find authentic and trustworthy reviews online on the products that you doubt.

You can learn more about the research done by team Reviewdunk and Review Patriots here.

Also, make sure to check the LeanBiome weight loss pills review by Reviewdunk so that you can too learn about the crazy manipulation going even today with product reviews.