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Fun Things to do in St. Louis

May 10

St. Louis is filled with beautiful sights such as the Gateway Arch, City Museum, or the Mississippi River. These places are worth a visit before you jump on a plane, car or train to St. Louis.


St. Louis is unique because they offer many free attractions.

The Zoo was rated #1 by USA Today as the best zoo in America.


The Science Center


The Botanical Garden is the second-largest in the US


The History Museum


The Art Museum


Forest Park


Historic Places

Since its founding by Auguste Chouteau and Pierre Laclede, French fur traders, St. Louis is full of historical sites.


The Gateway Arch is a landmark of Westward Expansion. It offers a spectacular view of the Riverfront and the Old Courthouse. This is where the famous Dred Scott case was held. Jefferson Barracks is the first permanent army base west of Mississippi River.

St. Louis is well-known for its delicious food, including toasted raviolis and ribs. These delicious spots are worth visiting!

Imo's Pizza is a local chain of pizza restaurants that are known for their unique St. Louis-style pizza. It's a thin crust pizza made with Provel cheese and fresh ingredients. It is cut into squares which gives rise to the slogan "Imo's the Square Beyond Compare."

Ted Drewes, a family-owned frozen custard business, is known for its "concrete," which is a thick malt or shake that can be served upside down. Two locations are available in St. Louis: one at Grand and one at Chippewa.

St. Louis is well-known for its style ribs. Pappy's Smokehouse, Salt + Smoke are two of the top rib restaurants in the region. These restaurants will make your stomach growl. This article will provide more information about the top rib restaurants of St. Louis.

Two pro sports teams are available in St. Louis: The St. Louis Cardinals (a MLB baseball team) and the St. Louis Blues (an NHL hockey team).


The Cardinals won 11 World Series and their logo features a real cardinal. This article explains the history of St. Louis Cardinals' logo. They play at Busch Stadium in downtown.


After 52 years, the St. Louis Blues won in 2019 the Stanley Cup against the Boston Bruins. They will be playing at the Enterprise Center in downtown where they can enjoy famous concerts and play some basketball games.