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Carved Wood Statue

Jul 24

You are looking for unique artwork to decorate your home? Take a look at our hand-carved wooden sculptures. Each sculpture is unique and is hand-carved by skilled artisans from around the world.

If you're in search of an image of a religious person, we've got you covered. We also offer a large range of animal statues including lions, tigers, elephants, and many more!

What are Wood Carvings?

Wood carving is a form of sculpture which involves the use of wood pieces to create certain designs. Wood carvings may be functional like bowls and spoons or ornamental, such as sculptures or figurines.

Wood carvings made from softwoods like cedar, basswood, or pine are the most well-known. These types of wood are more difficult to carve. Hardwoods like maple and oak are also suitable for carving wood, but they are harder to work with.

The History of Wood Carving

Wood carving has been around for decades and has been utilized for both practical and artistic reasons. Early examples of carving on wood include ancient cave paintings and statues from ancient Egypt.

Wood carving was very popular during the Middle Ages when it was used to decorate furniture and doors. The art of wood carving was developed in the Renaissance and was utilized to create elaborate artworks.

Nowadays, wood carving is still very popular and used for decorative and practical purposes. Wood carvings are found in homes, offices, and public spaces around all over the world.

What is Wood Carving Doing?

Wood carving can be accomplished using a variety tools including chisels and knives as well as power tools. The kind of tool employed will depend on the type of wood being carved and the final result you want.

Wood carving can be a difficult task. It is recommended to exercise patience before you attempt to create something complicated. There are a variety of books and tutorials online that will help you learn the fundamentals of wood carving.

If you're thinking of buying wood carvings, there are many places where you can find them for sale. You can often find wood carvings at craft fairs, art galleries, as well as online retailers. Prices for wood carvings differ according to the complexity, size, and the material used.

What Can You Do To Make the Wood Carving?

It is possible to customize many wood carvings. For instance, you could be able choose the wood type, finish, and even the theme of the design. But, you must be aware that any personalization will definitely raise the cost of the carving.

When buying an art piece made of wood it is crucial to take into consideration the quality of the workmanship. Insufficient craftsmanship can result in cracks, uneven surfaces, or other flaws. It is also essential to make sure that the wood carving is sealed correctly to shield it from insects and moisture.

Ask questions about the wood carving before you make the purchase. This will help you make an informed decision and help avoid any problems later on.


What is the cost of a wood carving?

The price of a wood carving is contingent on the complexity, size and the materials that are used. A small, basic carving may start at around $50. A large complex carving may cost upwards of $500.

What's the most suitable wood for carving?

The best woods to carve are those that are strong and close-grained, such as basswood or maple. Oak, for example, is also a good choice. While softwoods such as cedar and pine are utilized for carving however they are more prone to splitting or cracking.

How do I care for my wood carving?

Dust the wood carvings you have made with a soft cloth to keep them in good condition. To safeguard your wood, apply a thin coat of mineral oil or beeswax. Avoid making use of harsh cleaners or chemicals because they can harm the wood.


When you are looking for statues of wood that are available for sale There are a few points to be aware of. First, consider the dimension and complexity of the carving. These aspects will affect the cost. The second is the type of wood that you would want your statue to be made of.

Hardwoods like maple or oak are more expensive , however they last longer than softwoods such as cedar or pine. You should also maintain your carvingby dusting it often and using mineral oil or beeswax to finish the piece. You can make the perfect wood carving statue at your office or home with a little planning.

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