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How Much Does It Cost To Get Car Roadside Assistance?

Dec 30


Everyone wants to be able to drive a nice car, and get there safely. Some of the most frustrating situations include flat tires, lockout, and dead batteries. Having problems with your car can be difficult, no matter where you live. For older drivers and those with less experience, it can be daunting to have a flat or malfunctioning car in the middle of the road.


This roadside assistance service is for drivers who have difficulty driving their vehicles. Nearly all auto insurance policies include a roadside assistance plan. Many insurance companies also have partnerships with many roadside assistance providers. You might be asking yourself what the average price of roadside assistance is .

What is the cost of roadside assistance?

No matter how old or new your vehicle is, it can suddenly stop working. Although there are many reasons your car might break down unexpectedly, you'll be grateful to have expert assistance. These are some of the most important services:


  • Flat Tire Service
  • Roadside battery replacement
  • Towing service
  • Delivery of fuel 
  • Car lockout - How to retrieve keys from locked cars
  • On-site repairs


The monthly cost for roadside assistance can be as high as $100. Many assistance programs require you to pay either a monthly or annual fee. You can also pay per incident or only for what you need.


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What does Roadside Assistance cost without insurance?

Although you can buy a roadside service plan from your insurance company, excessive calls can impact your rates and plan. The cost of roadside assistance will not increase if you need it for very rare situations. Many insurance companies offer auto insurance. Although roadside assistance is not mandatory, it might be included in a collision plan.

While some insurance companies allow unlimited service calls, others may only cover 4 to 5 claims per year. You may still be able to receive roadside assistance services after you exhaust the limit. 


However, you might have to pay for it. An Average roadside assistance phoenix offers a roadside service plan. This is a personal decision. You may not have to pay an insurance provider if you drive only a few miles per day and don't make long-distance trips. To avoid stress and costly repairs down the road, however, it is better to get assistance from a roadside service provider.


Does Emergency Roadside Assistance Cover the Cost of the Tow?

Roadside assistance plans cover many services but the most costly is towing service. A tow truck is required to transport a car that has been involved in an accident or unexpectedly stopped. The average price for emergency roadside assistance can range from $50 to $100. For 5 miles, towing costs $125.

Providers of emergency road services offer tow services to the nearest shop. 


Although many car manufacturers offer roadside assistance services with the purchase of a vehicle, these services are usually only available for the length of the warranty.


Membership organizations provide emergency Car roadside assistance and other services such as hotel accommodation discounts, car rental discounts, and booking travel. The cost of roadside assistance for members ranges from $50 to $165, but costs can vary depending on where you live and what type of car fault it has.

Final Thoughts

Drivers need roadside assistance to fix unexpected circumstances. You may need to arrive at the airport in time to catch a plane or be on time for a meeting. This is one of many situations where prompt assistance can save you from stress and trouble.


Although high-end roadside assistance is expensive, there are also low-cost programs that may be available, which may not cover all of the services. You should consider your budget and needs when looking for a plan. Prices for roadside assistance plans vary from one state to the next and depend on who is providing it.