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What is roadside assistance coverage?

Dec 30


Roadside assistance is a common image for many. They imagine a tow truck pulling your car to the nearest shop. Although that is something your roadside assistance coverage might provide, it's not the only thing. What does roadside assistance include? Although coverages may vary, the following services are common for most RSA plans.

Towing disabled vehicles. 

It doesn't matter if you are stuck on a side road, major highway, or parking lot; a tow can be life-saving. RSA allows you to call the number and talk to the dispatch operator. You can rest assured that a truck will be on its way.

For minor electrical or mechanical breakdowns, we can do some on-site work. 

Sometimes it doesn't take long to get you back on your way. Roadside assistance service technician might be able to put your serpentine belt back on the track if it slips off. There is only so much you can do without a mechanic. If you need a quick fix to get your car moving again, Average roadside assistance phoenix can help.


Battery failure

A car battery can last a long time with the help of its alternator. Sometimes, however, we forget to turn the dome light off and the battery starts to drain. Jumping can be a great option in such situations.

Delivery of fuel and fluid 

Sometimes, we don't realize it until it's too late. Your vehicle will stop working and then die, leaving you on the sidelines.


But gasoline isn’t the only valuable liquid a car needs to run! You might discover that your power steering system is leaking and find yourself suddenly unable to turn even the most delicate of turns.


Phoenix roadside assistance can provide fuel for thirsty vehicles with just a few gallons or a few quarts of fluid. All you have to do is call.


Flat tire

We've previously discussed different ways to deal with a flat. You can either change the tire with a spare or replace it entirely. Or Apply a temporary solution, such as a tire plug. But, sometimes circumstances don't always allow us to choose these options.


Whatever your case, fixing a flat is a simple and common task that RSA can assist you with.

Lock in 

It can be hard to believe that your car keys have been locked in your car. Fortunately, you can quickly forget that you have roadside assistance that can send someone to assist you in getting back into your car.


Sometimes the road ahead can be worse than you think. Maybe the mud is more sticky than you thought, or your car doesn’t handle the snow and/or ice as well. RSA can help you get back on solid ground if you are stuck with your wheels spinning.

Map services 

Although most people have GPS access with their smartphones, it is important to remember that some parts of your journey may be cut off by cell service. Many RSA providers also offer maps that are specially prepared to assist you in your travels. They will take care of everything if you call them a few weeks ahead and provide your destination and origin.

Protection against theft and hit-and-run

Unfortunately, Auto theft is a real problem. Many roadside assistance providers offer a reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of anyone involved in vehicle theft, hit-and-run, or other types of vehicle damage.

What vehicles is roadside assistance available for? Who is eligible for roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance plans generally cover all kinds of vehicles, including your smallest car or your largest pickup truck. A standard RSA plan typically allows everyone on the policy to access the services. You (the policyholder)can call for help, as can your spouse or children. It is important to check coverage and to understand exclusions with your provider.


  • The majority of roadside assistance plans permit the following: RSA can be used by you, a family member, or another person covered under your policy to drive a covered vehicle.


  • A covered car is any personal vehicle, such as a private vehicle, truck, pickup, van, or SUV.


  • The following are excluded from most RSA plans: Coverage for RVs and motorhomes or mobile homes.


  • Insurance coverage for company vehicles, commercial vehicles, and any other vehicle not considered "private".


Depending on which provider you use, borrowed or rented cars may be classified as private, personal vehicles and therefore would count as covered autos. To be certain, you should check with your provider.If you want to buy cars at a low cost, then contact our roadside services for Roadside assistance cost.