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Jan 31

copper roofing


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A variety of advantages can be found when you choose copper roofing for your home. Copper is known for its natural beauty, its longevity, and its ability to age beautifully. As a result, it will change from its original bronze color to a more subdued hue of green, known as variegated green. We are the best choice if you are looking to install copper roofing on your home. Our experienced roofers will install copper roofs in any style to match your home’s architectural design.

Copper is an eco-friendly building material. Besides its familiar green patina, it is also 100% recyclable. Unlike other roofing materials, copper roofing is unlikely to end up in a landfill. Because copper is naturally resistant to fire, corrosion, and oxidation, it is also an excellent choice for roofing. Even if you decide to sell your home, it can last for many decades. The natural durability of copper is a great selling point, as it means less maintenance for you and your property.


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The longevity of copper roofs is one of the greatest benefits of choosing copper roofs. Its natural antimicrobial properties prevent mold, algae, and bacteria from growing on the roof. Moreover, copper is fireproof, making it a great choice for homes. However, copper is more expensive than asphalt shingles. It is best to hire professional roofers like us who know how to properly care for copper roofs. Our certified and experienced roofer will take care of your home’s copper roofing for you.


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