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Roofing Contractor Cherry Hill NJ | Don’t Ignore These Five Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

Jan 31

In Newtown, PA, the fall season is an important time for roof
maintenance before winter to protect your home from snow and ice. The
roof of your home is an important investment, and it only makes sense
to protect it. Below are a few tips for fall roof maintenance.

Add A Chimney Cap

If you have a chimney, the first thing you should do after having
your chimney inspected and cleaned is to add a chimney cap. Not only
do chimney caps protect your home from unwanted critters, but block rain and downdrafts.

Have Your Gutters Cleaned

A clogged gutter
will keep water touching the roof, which leads to mold, cracks, and
invites unwanted pests to take advantage of your roof’s weakened
state. Before the leaves start falling, clean your gutters and keep
an eye on them throughout the season.

Install Gutter Guards

You’re not the only one who hates cleaning your gutters, and
gutter guards are an extremely affordable way to reduce the amount of
time you have to take care of your gutters. Gutter guards prevent leaves and large debris from falling inside while allowing water to penetrate the small holes.

Trim Your Trees Back

Keeping branches trimmed not only protects your roof but also
reduces the amount of leaves that will clog your gutters.

Repair Roofing Issues

Minor issues with your roof have a higher chance of turning into
huge problems in the winter, especially since Newtown, PA, sees around 35 inches of snow, or more, each year. 

Please don’t ignore your roof until problems crop up, especially since
we provide free inspections. Contact United Veterans Roofing today
for all your residential roofing and repair needs.


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