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We at Rymul Painting understand that the well-done paint job won’t only add to the curb appeal of your home, but also increase its overall value. From covering bushes and walkways, proper preparation of all surfaces and usage of only the products of highest quality, we proudly stand behind the quality of our workmanship. We respect your property and will clean it up at the end of every day. And once we complete the project, we’ll ask you to inspect it – in our opinion; no job is done without the customer’s 100 % satisfaction. That’s what makes us the best choice when it comes to residential exterior painting services!



Exterior House Preparation Process
Even though it might not sound as such, the job of painting the house’s exterior isn’t as easy as some might think. This is precisely why hiring a commercial painting company is a wise decision, and we can assure you that the workers of Rymul Painting know how to do the job properly. The following is our preparation process for the exterior painting:
• Washing the exterior Before we tackle the task of painting, your house will have to be cleaned from top to bottom. Pressure-washing makes this process much more efficient. • Scraping and letting it dry The flaking paint will have to be scrapped, and then comes the drying period. • Applying the caulk This is where we caulk the cracked seams and fill all the cracks and voids with caulk. • Making the repairs Extreme cases might require the assistance of a carpenter, but small repairs are not a problem for us. • Applying the primer At this point, we use an oil-based exterior-grade primer to create a tight barrier between the house and the new paint job.   Once all of this is done, we’ll do the thing we came for – and that’s giving you house a new, refreshing look with a new coat of paint.

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