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Feb 1

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The rewards from gaming can come at the price of our relationships, finances, and careers goals.  As gaming takes over, the “to-do” list grows longer,  connection with others diminishes, & aspirations start withering away.

Suppression of negative/difficult emotions such as shame, fear, anger, sadness, and hopelessness compounds over time, leaving gamers in a deeper hole to crawl out of. I want to help you overcome your struggles and teach you the tools to take your life back.

My hope is that video game counseling can reach those that have had difficulty with traditional forms of talk therapy.

I’d like to create a space for you to freely express yourself, build insight, and use those discoveries to make meaningful changes. I offer a novel approach to therapy, where gamers can play video games with me and overcome their initial barriers to fully expressing themselves. With a blend of gaming and therapy, I help gamers process their struggles, where they’ve avoided their demons & obligations, to build a self-actualized life.


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I focus on working with you to address your recurrent issues such as feeling stuck, avoidance, overthinking, low motivation, unfulfilling relationships, and low self-esteem. 

We’ll work collaboratively in integrating counseling techniques to fit your needs and meet you where you’re at. We can work together to address your recurrent issues. Over the years, I’ve learned different skills to address the anxiety, depression, and trauma that kept clients from living the life they knew they could have, much like you.

With counseling, maybe you will be able to say that you are more aware of your problems and how to deal with them. Even just getting one step closer to knowing what you want in life and what actions to take, would be a great thing to see.

If you want  to learn more about how I can help, shoot me a message or visit my website.  I look forward to working with you.


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