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Feb 3

What does a good salon look like? How do I choose a good salon? How do I pick the right hair stylist? 


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If you have never been in this position from moving, a salon closing or the stylist left then you know how stressful this big decision is.

You want a good salon & stylist that listens to you and gives you what you need and want and will be honest about the maintenance, budget and how often you need to come in.

A good salon is one where you can trust the stylist to listen to you and give you exactly what you want or a solution to get there. They should provide quality service at a fair market price for the level of salon you chose. If you go to a salon that isn’t providing quality service or charging too much, then you likely won’t be happy with the result. 

Salon owners and stylists should take pride in their work and ensure that they are offering high quality services and products. 

This means that they should be able to explain why certain techniques are being used and why they are important. They should also be willing to answer questions and address concerns.


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A good salon will always be open to suggestions and ideas. A good salon will also require an at home proper care regimen to guarantee the hair color service. Hair color for both men and women is a temporary hair service no matter the hair color type and always requires maintenance retouches/refreshes but will require it more often if you use store bought hair care with color stripping ingredients such as most sulfates found in soaps. It is important to listen to your beauty advisor and schedule according to the standard booking times and your hair type & texture to keep your hair color and style looking like you just walked out of the salon.

When choosing a salon, it’s important to remember that not all salons are created equal. Some may charge more per visit, but others may charge less. It’s important to ask about pricing before making an appointment so you know how much you’re paying.

Hair salon prices vary depending on location, type of services offered, and the experience level of the stylist. Salons usually charge anywhere between $40-$60 for a haircut, while some stylists charge as much as $100+. However, if you’re looking for something specific such as color correction or a permanent wave, you might pay more.

There are many factors to consider when deciding which salon to use. For example, you’ll want to find out whether the stylist uses highly rated professional products or cheaper ones with less quality of ingredients.

You should ALWAYS check out the salon’s website and social media pages. Are there photos of previous clients’ hair? Do they have testimonials? These things tell you a lot about the salon and give you an opportunity to see if thee work they are doing is to par to your taste,

You can also learn a lot by talking to other people who have visited the salon. Ask friends and family members about their experiences and read the reviews on Google and Facebook and other reputable sites that have a fair amount of reviewers. They give you first hand experience and tips on what that salon and hair stylist was like.


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