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Feb 3

Hair extensions are becoming more and more popular these days and are a service salons are now offering more than they ever have before becoming a multi-million dollar stream of revenue for hair salons across the globe. They are great for those who want to change their hairstyle without having to go through the hassle of cutting, coloring and styling their hair. They are also great for those who may be suffering from hair loss from Covid-19, side effects of cancer treatments or as simple as the changes women often see in their hair as they mature through life. 


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Just as there are many types of salons and stylists to choose from on social media, there are just as many types & techniques of hair extensions to choose from such as clip-ins, sew-ins, glue-ins, tape-ins, beaded rows, halo wefts, micro-links, i-tip etc to have to decide on… Each type of hair extension has its pros and has its cons, and St James renowned master extensionist Janine Argila is here to help guide you along your hair extensions journey…

There is no perfect answer when choosing what salon in St James to book with so we like to recommend considering these top factors first: 

  1. What’s your budget?
  2. Consider your lifestyle?
  3. Your commitment level?
  4. Your personal preferences?


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If you are tight on the budget consider something temporary like clip ins or a halo to give it a try. See if you like having them in and then take it from there. There would be nothing worse than spending that time, money and energy to discover and can’t handle having them 24/7.

If you know what you are getting into with the investment of having the hair of your dreams, then you know you will need to carefully consider the choices you make when choosing who will be doing your hair and maintaining it over the next 4-6 month and longer. 

If you are unsure, you may want to find an “extensions stylist near me” that offers an intake form or application that will help filter which hair extensions type is best for you. The main difference between them is the way they attach to your natural hair. Some methods require heat, some don’t. 

If you’re looking for a quality hair extensions service, then read our guide below so you can choose what is best for you.


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