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Appliance Repair Company | 5 Situations When DIY Appliance Repair Is a Bad Idea

Mar 13


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While it’s admirable to be a DIY warrior, sometimes DIY appliance repair is just not worth the risk and hassle. Attempting to repair appliances yourself may invalidate the warranty and can be dangerous. Those are good reasons to hire it done in many cases. Additionally, experienced professionals like Mr. Appliance®️ have parts-sourcing relationships that make parts more affordable.

So if you’re asking, “Can I fix my appliance?” it’s important to know there are some repairs that are better left to the experts. Explore the 5 repairs you shouldn’t do yourself.

1. DIY Refrigerator Repairs

While it’s okay to change a burnt-out bulb, most other refrigerator repairs should be performed by a pro. Here’s why:

  • Refrigerators are heavy and can cause injury.
  • Fridge coolant is dangerous if inhaled.
  • Older refrigerator models have compressors that can explode.
  • A faulty DIY refrigerator repair can end up costing you more in damages and after-the-fact expert repair costs.

For best results, reach out to a trusted appliance repair professional for your fridge repair.


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2. DIY Clothes Dryer Repairs

A broken clothes dryer is a significant inconvenience to your household. The good news is there may be a few minor DIY clothes dryer repairs you can safely handle yourself, such as fixing a bent or broken dryer door latch or resetting the dryer circuit breaker. However, always turn to a repair expert for more complex repairs. Clothes dryers are high-voltage appliances, drawing 30 amps of electricity or more, which puts you at risk for electrical shock.

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3. DIY Dishwasher Repair

When it comes to DIY dishwasher repair, erring on the side of caution is your best course of action. Most dishwasher repairs require both plumbing and electrical expertise. When you’re dealing with a combination of water and electricity, it’s wise to seek professional services so you can avoid a fire or electrical shock. Qualified appliance repair experts, like those at your local Mr. Appliance, have the specialized skills and tools to perform the repair safely.

4. DIY Microwave Oven Repair

It may be tempting to try DIY microwave oven repair, but it’s another task that poses a risk to you and your household. Because microwaves use high voltages at high power, even after being switched off, the capacitator can hold enough charge to give you a dangerous shock. Take the safest path and hire a professional for any repairs to your microwave oven.

Does your microwave cause your lights to flicker? You may not have the right dedicated circuits for your kitchen appliances. Connect with Mr. Electric®, another reliable Neighborly® brand, for industry-leading electrical services.

5. DIY Oven Repair or Stove Repair (Especially Gas Units)

DIY oven or stove repair is another job that requires professional skill, especially if you have a gas appliance. Attempting a repair on your oven or stove can be dangerous. Faulty repairs can lead to gas leaks and fire. Let expert repair technicians provide an effective, long-lasting repair while keeping your home safe.


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