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Mar 13

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If you search the Internet, you will likely find a variety of opinions and articles that promote the benefits of cooking with gas. However, if you search further, you will undoubtedly find information the supports the benefits of cooking with electric. So, which is actually better? 

Well, the answer depends on a few factors, and to some degree your personal preference. With this in mind we’ll try to get to answer the question, which is better, cooking with gas or electric? 

The Early Consensus  

When it comes to stoves, gas is better for controlling temperature and heat distribution. And gas ovens typically provide a moister heat, which works well for dishes such as roasts, etc. Conversely, electric stoves don’t provide as much nuance when it comes to temperature control. And electric ovens produce a drier heat that works better for crisp dishes such as French fries and baking.  

Electric stoves continue to be very popular, especially in newer homes. Although this may make it seem like gas stoves and ovens are becoming a thing of the past, some cooks prefer to prepare dishes using only gas.  

To help determine which option might work best for you, let’s review the major differences with preparing food with gas versus electric. 


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Gas Versus Electric Stove 

  • When using gas stoves, you have the flexibility of temperature control and heat distribution. Gas stoves react more instantly and have flames that surround the bottom of the pan. They also feature knobs that can change the size of the flames to give you more control, which is needed for certain dishes. On the other hand, electric stoves do not have as quick of a response time when you are changing the temperature of the burner. In addition, you cannot char, toast, or flambe dishes on an electric stove. These factors will affect your decision on which kind of stove to get if these cooking styles are important to you.  

  • Electric stove top coils can result in uneven distribution and ‘cold’ spots. Due to there being coils in electric stoves rather than flames, there is a chance of encountering a shortage while cooking and you may not even realize it. If one of the coils is shorting out, it will cause that area under your pan to not heat properly, therefore affecting the cooking temperature of your food. Also, if there is a power outage, you will not be able to cook using your stove since it requires electricity rather than gas. On the other hand, electric stoves do have the upper hand when it comes to keeping a meal warm. For example, if you are preparing a few dishes at the same time and you want to be able to keep your pans warm, this could be a good option for you. When you are cooking with a gas burner and turn it off, it will cool off quickly. Electric burners tend to stay warm for longer and don’t cool off as quickly so it can be handy keep your pan on the burner while you cook. 

Gas Versus Electric Ovens  

  • Electric is the superior option when it comes to heating your food. Additionally, electric provides a dryer heat source, which works well for crisp foods such as French fries. For example, air fryers are becoming so popular because they are a heating source that can add the crispiness to your food due to its dry heat. 

  • Gas ovens provide moister heat, so for roasts and other similar dishes, gas is superior. If you find yourself cooking those type of meals more often and that characteristic is important to you, then you might want to consider a gas oven. 

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Cooking with Gas Versus Electric: The Final Word  

For those who take preparing meals seriously, a gas stove and oven will provide better overall options and greater cooking flexibility. However, electric stoves do offer some benefits over gas. Electric stoves are easier to clean and maintain than gas. And there is a distinct level of stability that comes with using an electric appliance versus one that uses gas. That said, deciding between gas or electric may just come down to a matter of personal preference.


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