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Appliance Repair Company | Should I Fix My Old Dryer or Buy a New One?

Mar 13


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Along with your washer, your dryer is an appliance you use on a fairly consistent basis so when it breaks down, it can be tough to decide whether you should repair or replace it.  

Like with most repair verse replace decisions there are a few factors to consider before making a final decision. For example, if your current dryer is more than 15 years old, it’s probably best to replace it since this is about the time when most dryers reach the end of their serviceable lifespan (both gas and electric unit). 

But what about a newer dryer? How do you know when to replace a dryer that is a little younger? We have put together this quick exercise to help make your decision a little easier.  

Five Steps for Deciding to Repair or Replace a Dryer 

1. Check if you have a warranty.  

Many appliances come with a warranty. If yours is still valid, then the cost of repairing your appliance may be fully covered. Contact a local appliance repair expert to perform a high-quality repair that qualifies under your specific warranty coverage.  

2. Investigate the problem.  

To make things even easier, we have a dryer troubleshooting tool to help: First, you’ll need to determine if the appliance issue is minor or more serious. Second, determine if the problem is related to user error or due to a lack of ongoing maintenance, as opposed to true wear and tear. If you’re fairly certain you’ve identified the problem, look up the cost ranges for replacing the part(s) and then move to step 3. Ultimately, it’s always best to confirm your finding with an appliance expert before you make a final “repair vs. replace” decision. 


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3. Weigh costs to repair or replace the dryer.  

If the cost of the repair is going to amount to 50% or more of the cost of a new dryer, then a replacement may be the best long-term option. However, if a replacement isn’t going to work with your current budget, a repair is the short-term answer. But don’t stop here—there are still a few more factors to think about.    

4. Consider what you love about your current dryer

If you were totally happy with the look, performance and features of your current dryer before it broke, you might find it hard to duplicate the exact same thing with a newer model. If this is the case, it might make more sense to repair the dryer you love. Because as the adage goes, “They don’t make things like they used to.” After an effective repair, your older dryer might still be the champion you need it to be without running into frequent maintenance problems.  

5. Evaluate dryer efficiency.  

If your current dryer is not an energy-efficient model, it might be worth looking into upgrading to a more efficient unit. Additionally, if you often do large loads of laundry but your current dryer is small or standard-sized, upgrading to a larger dryer should improve energy efficiency and may shorten overall drying times. This same evaluation—i.e., efficiency rating and size of the unit—can be applied when deciding whether to update their HVAC systems.  

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