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Appliance Repair | 4 Reasons Appliances Break Down Frequently or Prematurely

Mar 14


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Do you wonder, “Why do my appliances keep going out?” If your home appliances don’t seem to last long and they require frequent repairs, it’s a frustrating situation. You may feel like even your newer appliances were manufactured at a lower quality than expected. Learn the reasons your appliances are breaking down, and get advice to promote longer unit lifespans.  

Why Do Appliances Break So Often?  

1. Pushed Too Hard  

Are you pushing your appliances beyond what they are designed to do? People tend to overload their washing machines with clothes or neglect cleaning the dryer vent regularly. If you use gas appliances, it’s possible to overload your gas lines, which isn’t safe or efficient. These mistakes make your appliances work too hard to do their jobs, leading to breakdowns or premature replacements. 

2. Lack of Cleaning 

Your home appliances require regular cleaning to operate optimally. Our experts at Mr. Appliance® have simple tips for appliance cleaning, including these: 


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3. No Regular Maintenance Program 

Many homeowners simply use their appliances without employing a regular maintenance program. They wait until a problem occurs to seek professional services. By proactively performing DIY maintenance tasks and scheduling professional maintenance before there’s a problem, you can ensure your appliances function properly.  

For example, cleaning your garbage disposal weekly will keep your kitchen smelling fresh and prevent an untimely malfunction. And taking the time to perform regular oven maintenance and dishwasher maintenance can help you maximize these appliances and avoid costly repair. 

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4. Low Manufacturing Quality  

Why don’t appliances last anymore? Unfortunately, not every appliance brand produces equal-quality appliances today. A study from The National Association of Home Builders sought to answer, “Why do appliances not last as long as they used to?” The study uncovered that several modern home appliances have reduced lifespans and less durability than older units, due to outsourced production and lighter-weight design to accommodate shipping.  

Typically, How Often Do Appliances Break Down?  

Home appliances normally start breaking down at the lower end of their life expectancy range. But proper appliance use and regular maintenance play large roles in the lifespan and the frequency of repairs. Check out our handy appliance lifespan guide to learn more about the typical life expectancy of your home appliances. 


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