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Mar 16


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Have you ever created a new account and assigned it with a password “password123”? If you have, you might want to consider changing it. 

Your password is a unique combination of characters you create to protect your vital and confidential information. A password essentially serves as a barrier that secures your data from unauthorized users. However, hackers have acquired various skills that allow them to guess simple passwords with a few clicks on their computer. For that reason, it is important to know the difference between what makes a password unique and strong from a weak and common one. So for next time, you will be ready to create a password no one can easily figure out!

What You Need To Know

A hacker’s job is simple. They break into information systems and obtain data for whatever agenda they plan. As a part of their job description, hackers will try to break into your networks through the use of sophisticated brute-force-attack software that can guess millions of possible password combinations. The brute-force-attack software are built to unravel simple five-character password combinations within a three hour period.

Once an individual obtains access to your guarded files, who knows what they can do to it. Many often experience identity theft and or blackmail to get their data back. Oftentimes, trying to solve these cybercrime problems prove to be a challenge and can be costly. 

Ransomware And Its Victims

Brute-Force-Attack is a traditional, yet effective method of cracking a password using the trial and error method. A hacker, with the help of technology, would use various combinations of characters over andover again until they have succeeded. Though time-consuming, it is especially easy for a hacker using this method to guess a password that is simple and short. 


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Create passwords that are 8 characters or longer, use various types of characters, and avoid easily guessed combinations or dictionary words with proper capitalization.

Good V.S. Bad Password

Good Password

We often feel intimidated when we create long and difficult passwords in fear of forgetting them. Even if our memory fails us sometimes, it is still worthwhile to create a complex password. We just need to make sure that these keys we create are familiar to us but unrecognized by others. A good passcode should be long and have various combinations of characters. At the same time, these passwords should NOT be used across all your accounts and devices. Creating different passwords for your accounts will prevent a hacker from accessing all of your files.

Good Password

  • At least 8 characters long (or longer!)
  • Combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols that are hard to guess
  • Avoid dictionary words with proper capitalization

Bad Password

On the other hand, a bad password is short and plain that can be easily guessed. For example, they are lowercase letters that do not include any other variations of characters. Weak passwords may also be common information we easily remember such as birthdays, names, and sayings. These types of passwords can be easily guessed because of how obvious and public they are. 

Do yourself a favor and not the hackers. Stick to a longer and more complex set of words and characters. 


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