Stock Market Excessive Momentum Trading

Excessive Momentum Trading


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Excessive momentum is an important clue in our trading as well as the sideways market.  You can consider Excessive momentum as the opposite concept to sideways market. So why Excessive momentum is important signal in our trading? Imagine that you are pouring some milk in your cup. It is fine until it is overflow. When milk is starting to get split from our cup, we realized that we need to take some correction.

This analogical concept can be applied to our trading too. Simply speaking, Excessive momentum can signal us that market can go through some brand new action from the existing trend. It might be turning point opportunity or reversal opportunity. Around this Excessive momentum area, market is more predictable. In addition, you have an opportunity to become early enterer with good profitable range.

Before, trader did not have a good tool to catch an excessive momentum but now we have the Excessive Momentum Indicator designed to catch Excessive momentum automatically in your chart. Good news is that this entry is more accurate with Excessive momentum than without Excessive momentum presents. Hence, Excessive momentum is ideal location to place your trading. Excessive momentum area is marked up as triangle in Excessive Momentum indicator.

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