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In any other year, high school juniors would be gearing up for high school tests, but with the novel coronavirus lurking in their back yards, they are preparing for homework and class work. Instead of preparing for college, students are thinking about the upcoming fall semester, when they will be taking the ACT and SAT (and possibly APs).

This year has been anything but normal. Virtual learning has come a long way since its early beginnings in the 90s, even though there are still some reasons we recommend enrolling in a traditional brick and mortar school. At ACT and SAT, the volume of test centers has been overwhelming with many test centers closing last spring due to low volume, and the test centers that remain do not always have enough testing rooms to accommodate everyone at these schools.

Fortunately, vaccines for the virus will be delivered starting in January of 2021, with most people getting the vaccine by summer. Colleges anticipate a return to normal for the fall of 2021 on campus.

ACT and SAT testing has been scheduled through the summer of 2021 as they normally would proceed. Both ACT and SAT have done a much better job at getting test centers open and available and safe.

Given all of this progress, very few colleges have chosen to extend the test-optional status for another year, which means that current juniors need to plan for submission of an ACT or SAT test score.

Mackler Associates St. Louis Tutoring has been consistently providing test prep programs for the SAT and ACT during these difficult times by offering both virtual and in-person options, and their programs will continue in both forms moving forward.

Mackler Associates ACT/SAT Prep in St. Louis encourages all current juniors to begin planning for test prep. Many of you may be rusty and you may not have had the chance to take a practice test at school. Getting started on test prep sooner rather than later would be the best path.

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