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Oct 29

Take a look at these top features When Hiring a Party Bus Brisbane

Renting the party bus Brisbane lets you travel the city with fashion and keep the fun continuing following the celebration. Renting a party bus from Brisbane is an excellent way to make your event memorable, whether you're planning a wedding, bachelorette party, holiday gathering, or corporate gathering.

You're looking to throw an unforgettable event, so ensure your party bus is equipped with all the features you need. Here are some of the top features you should look for when hiring the Brisbane party bus


Check that your party bus is in compliance with safety standards and includes safety features. A trained driver and working locks are common safety features.

Size and Seating

Of course, the size and capacity of your party bus rental matter a lot. You don't want the guests at your party to feel like you're inside a giant sardine can. The party bus you choose should offer enough space to move around but as well for drinking, sitting, dancing, and other forms of entertainment. Pull Up VIP has a 14-seater Mercedes Sprinter partybus for smaller groups, as well as a 21-seater Limo party bus that can accommodate larger parties. You can take your pick and have fun without hitting anyone!

Cocktail Bar

The bar with a cocktail is a part of the party bus's entertainment. There's a good chance that your guests will be expecting one, particularly if they want to partake in alcoholic beverages. If there isn't a cocktail bar and a bar for cocktails, you can be sure that it won't turn out to be much of a celebration. So, when shopping around for party buses in Brisbane look for one that comes with a built-in bar with a license for serving alcohol-based drinks.


Aside from a drink bar, A first-class party bus will include everything guests and you need to make your celebration unforgettable. Pull Up VIP has all the bells and whistles when it comes to entertainment, as the party buses come with big screens, laser lights, surround sound mobile phone connectivity as well as other amenities that will keep everyone entertained all throughout the trip!


A great party bus should have comfortable amenities, such as leather seating as well as air conditioning and tinted windows that offer an atmosphere of privacy. With a luxurious party bus, you'll be able to enjoy the ultimate in luxuriousness while having a blast all late into the night!

Get Your Groove On

You've found the most fun party bus for your event in Brisbane! No matter what occasion it is, Pull Up VIP party buses come with all the top features. Call us at (07) 3060 8210 to make a reservation online or to request a quote!

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