Finance Virtual Financial Consultations Can Get Your 2021 Finances on...

Virtual Financial Consultations Can Get Your 2021 Finances on Track


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For example, even though Fragasso Financial Advisors’ Cool Springs PA office is still limiting in-person visits, they offer free virtual consultations with a local representative


A year ago, many businesses closed in response to COVID-19, thinking it was only a temporary measure. Many expected to return within two weeks and so half-full coffee cups and plants were left on desks, only to sit there untouched for months, now a year later. 

Businesses with solid contingency plans in place prior to the pandemic were better able to manage the unpresented events. Technologically advanced and client-centric companies were best equipped to handle and navigate the new set of challenges.  

Although the world took a temporary pause, the need to carry on and conduct business virtually soon arose. This left many companies scrambling to build the infrastructure that would allow them to do so. Those who were already equipped and ready to provide virtual services adapted the quickest.

An example of a sound continuity plan is seen with Fragasso Financial Advisors. The investment management and financial planning firm based in Pittsburgh, PA, temporarily closed offices at the beginning of the pandemic. Utilizing their advanced technology platforms that were in place pre-COVID, they have continued to provide the same level of services to their clients, despite office closures. 

The Cool Springs office in Bethel Park PA is still limiting in-person visits by request only, but the branch continues to offer free virtual consultations with local representatives. Fragasso Financial Advisors and the Cool Springs, PA branch team, including Michael Fertig, Christina McCahill, and Damien Gottschalk, are still providing services such as retirement planning, tax planning strategies, and comprehensive estate planning. Those looking to access these services can schedule a virtual consultation in advance. 

The firm’s contingency and continuity plans have proved to be very effective, as all five offices of Fragasso Financial Advisors were able to close their doors, work remotely and still provide the same level of attention to their existing clients AND onboard new clients. This is no small feat as Fragasso Financial Advisors has $1.8 billion under management and non-advisory assets combined and represents approximately 2000 households. The team has navigated the pandemic well and will continue to do so through virtual consultations. 

The executive team at Fragasso Financial Advisors has closely monitored the situation while maintaining their clients’ and employees’ safety. Through secure file sharing systems and advanced virtual communication practices, the virtual experience has been quite seamless. The oversight and management of client portfolios continues to remain a priority even during the closure of the Cool Springs, PA branch. 

Fragasso Financial Advisors will prioritize health and safety and announce full office openings for in-person appointments on their website. In the meantime, clients may fill out a contact form online or call the branch to arrange a virtual consultation. 

The world has been in a constant state of flux for over a year, forcing people and businesses to pivot accordingly. Until things are back to normal, businesses like Fragasso Financial Advisors Cool Springs, PA office will continue to work virtually. 

Investment Advice offered by Investment Advisor Representatives through Fragasso Financial Advisors, a registered investment advisor


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