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What is The Difference Between a Licensed Plumber And a Rooter Service?


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What is a Rooter Service?

The plumbing term rooter service may have been heard by many homeowners and property managers, and they don’t actually understand what it means. Historically, rooter service for repairs to pipes or drain cleaning operations was a general catch all term. Intruding tree roots are the cause of many pipe and drain problems, and this is why root service has become a popular way to describe these types of Albuquerque Local Plumber Near Me. Rooter service has developed as a term in modern plumbing, and it now involves the removal of stubborn drain clogs and repairs to fix slow drain problems. Let’s take a closer look at what this entails and a modern rooter service.


The Rooter Service

Many homeowners call a rooter service for their local certified plumber without understanding what they actually need. Some questions will be asked by the plumbing company that can begin the diagnosis, and it is important to include as much data as possible. Most individuals call their plumber because they are experiencing problems, such as home backups of waste water or slow moving drain problems. It is probable that the homeowner has already tried the typical methods of clog removal, and they have not worked to fix the issue.


Diagnosing the Cause of the Problem

They will typically use three methods to diagnose the cause of the plumbing issues when the plumber arrives.



  1. All the affected plumbing pipes and fixtures will be visually inspected by the plumber.
  2. To see how they act, the plumbing fixtures will be turned on and tested,
  3. In order to inspect the sewer line and look for pipe damage or deep clogs that might be the cause of the problems, a video camera will be fed into the drain.



The plumber should know what the problem is after these three steps have been carried out, and this will help them to consider the available repair options. Do not worry; before the start of any plumbing repairs, a professional plumber will always discuss your options with you.


Repairing the Plumbing Problems

They will be able to explain the best repair options to restore your plumbing system to normal, now that the plumber has diagnosed the problem. If the inspection has revealed damage to your pipes or a persistent clog, one or more of the following tasks may be involved in the next part of your rooter service to fix the issues. To break a clog apart manually and clear the drain line, a plumbing snake or augur could be fed into the drain. To clear out an extensive blockage that an augur can not break apart, a section of your home plumbing pipe may have to be removed. It may be necessary to repair any plumbing pipe sections that are cracked, corroded, or damaged. Any pipe or sewer line sections that are collapsed, sagged or penetrated by tree roots will go beyond repair, and new pipes must be replaced. There are two more things that you may need before the repair can begin if your plumber has advised you that you need a pipe and/or sewer line replacement. In order to reach the affected sections of sewer line that may be sagging, bellied and collapsed, a traditional sewer line replacement will need an excavation. A trenchless sewer line replacement is less invasive, there is no need for excavation or digging, and if the lines are still relatively intact, this option can be explored. If you are lucky, the trenchless repair option can be used by the plumber to minimize the amount of disruption to your home. This will take longer if an excavation is required, and will cause a great deal of disruption until the sewer line is fixed. The difference is largely a matter of time between these two approaches, the longer a plumbing problem is ignored, the worse it gets, and the more extensive the repairs. This is why contacting your local certified plumber when you encounter a problem is extremely important to get the best advice as early as possible. Typically, smaller repairs are cheaper, and acting early can save you a lot of money.


Do You Need a Rooter Service?

Acting earlier, as we mentioned above, can help you deal with your plumbing problem before it develops into a bigger problem that is harder and more costly to fix. If you notice that you need to contact your local professional certified plumber, there are five common warning signs:


  1. Water drains slowly, or is not going to drain away at all.
  2. The bathrooms have begun to make a gurgling noise.
  3. More than one drain is at the same time backed up or slowly drained.
  4. The waste water in your home is backing up and flooding.
  5. You have used a different plumbing fixture and the waste water is backed up into one plumbing fixture. For instance, after you’ve flushed your toilet, waste water backs up into your bathtub.


It’s time to contact a professional plumber and get a rooter service if you notice any of these plumbing issues in your home. A clog, blockage, or sewer line break will not fix itself, and it will only make the problem worse by delaying the repair.


The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

It is as simple as not placing items or substances in the drain that belong to the trash to avoid a clogged drain. To prevent hair and other materials from entering the drain to form clogs, install hair traps at each drain hole. Keep eggshells, coffee grounds, and fats out of the drains in the kitchen and correctly dispose of them. A great way to keep your drain clear and fresh is to pour a cup of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar into your drain, leave it overnight and then flush it with hot (not boiling) water. It’s also a great idea to schedule your plumbing system for some annual maintenance and catch any smaller issues before they develop into bigger issues. In the earliest stages, a professional plumber will have the training, experience, and specialized equipment to find and fix many plumbing problems.

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